Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Downton Abbey's episode 6

Evil valet is back ... Mr. Green opens his dumb mouth about how awful opera is & that he was in the kitchen during the performance. Mr. Bates isn't stupid & he already suspected him! Eww, I cannot wait to see what happens next! Please don't kill him, Mr. Bates, but I want justice!

I'm pro-choice, but thank you, Edith, for not going through with the abortion. It's 1 of those situations where you don't know what you'd do if you were in that situation - I want women to have the choice, but each person's decision will be different. I don't think I could have an abortion, but I'm not living in 1930's (what year is it?!) England, unmarried, of a certain social status. Now the question is - what is Edith going to do?

Countess & Isabel seem to be friends - playing cards post-bronchitis will do that for 2 single gals! : )