Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Antibiotics for Julia

Yes. It's true. It happened. Julia is taking antibiotics for the first time. We've been blessed for 5 years - no ear infections, nothing serious enough for such medicine.

Well, Julia has a bladder infection. We had some indications that something was wrong, but didn't put all the symptoms together until Sunday at church. The children's minister told me that Julia had gone to the bathroom twice in 30 minutes & it clicked that something was wrong. Last week Julia had told me she'd gone to bathroom a lot at school. She has a bathroom in her classroom so I didn't think it was a big deal. Also I thought she was drinking more water because my dad gave the girls new water bottles (really nice Thermos stainless steel, Disney princess for Julia, Minnie Mouse for Jac).

Julia also had been pulling on her underwear, touching herself often, but not complaining that it hurt to pee or anything else typical of bladder infection. However, at home she was going to bathroom, but nothing would happen every other time or so. I am grateful KL said something as it immediately made me recognize something was not right - like a click, light bulb. Since Julia was off school Monday for President's Day, Jai took the girls to the clinic for an official diagnosis. There were white blood cells and some blood in Julia's urine sample so nurse practitioner wrote a prescription.

I picked up the prescription on way home from work. Jai had called to tell me it was ready & I could hear Julia, very excited to see/get the medicine. She wasn't so excited once she tasted it! It smells/tastes so nasty. So far so good, Julia continues to take the twice a day dose, hopefully she will start to feel better. She still goes to bathroom frequently, sometimes nothing happens, and she also pulls on underwear. However, she's sleeping better at night, not afraid she's going to wet the bed which never happened thankfully.

Hopefully in 8 more days we'll be done with the medicine & back to "normal." HAHAHA!