Sunday, July 1, 2012


What Julia calls Serena & Venus Williams! Hilarious!

June is tennis month in our house.
The French Open ends at the beginning of the month & Wimbledon starts at the end of the month so I watch a LOT of tennis; so do Julia & Jai by default. Jai loves soccer so he watched some of Euro 2012, but I cannot wait for Julia to take some tennis lessons. She'll also probably play on a soccer team first as that is conveniently located at our very close Y. Plus swimming lessons started yesterday. Julia is a very physical child with TONS of energy so we are trying to channel it appropriately.

Back to Serenus ...

Also I have a continuous slideshow of pictures on my computer, including Wimbledon 2008 that I attended with my Wellesley friend, Pauline, when I was pregnant with Julia. She LOVES looking at them, especially the many ones of S & V. We saw the Williams sisters play in 2 doubles matches, once on Centre Court (so lucky, so cool!). However, the photos (taken by P, they are so good) are from seeing them play on a side court, an unexpected court change, so we had front row seats! So awesome!

Anyway, what a clever way to combine their names. So adorable! : )