Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Julia goes to the Dentist Part 2

I forgot to write about this event.

Julia went to dentist in early April for first cleaning.
Sometime soon after that & before I went to my June dentist appointment, Julia fell while at Grandma Bonnie's & 1 of her front "eye" teeth came out, "roots & all" Jai told me. The tooth next to it was loose, getting looser every day.

In mid-June when I go to dentist, Julia comes with me for more dentist exposure & we ask them to look at it. It's OK. As the days/weeks go by, the tooth getting looser, Julia is more irritable (in pain naturally). So we call our favorite pediatric dentist referral (he helped us during the tooth pushed up in gum incident 2 years ago) & he has an opening at 4pm TODAY! We go!

Very calmly after examining the tooth situation & consulting with us about taking it out to which we both immediately say YES, Dr. Adams with gauze in hand while talking with Julia, removes the tooth. Minimal blood & pain almost unmentionable, we now have a 3 year old with 2 missing front teeth.

When asked about the Tooth Fairy, we reply "uh, no, not at this time." We're not trying to encourage "accidents" to happen for monetary gain. In due time we realize, but most kids lose their teeth around 6-7 years old, maybe 5, but definitely not 3. Oh, Julia, always ahead of the curve, well some curves! : )