Wednesday, April 16, 2014

EW Bullseye

I love EW ... Entertainment Weekly. Jai got me a subscription soon after we got married, probably for my birthday, so I've been getting it for 8 years now probably.

I love reading most of it, especially since having children, as it is something quick to look at & pick up later & not be lost & confused ... like I am experiencing while reading my current books.

Anyway, I like the Star News best - wedding, babies, court issues, deaths even.
I am a closet star stalker. : )
I also like TV info, movie reviews, books that are popular.
1 favorite is back page ... Bullseye which is sharp sarcasm usually.

April 4 issue was spot on.
#OMGood Wife
So sad & devastated like everyone about Will Gardner's death.
Also sad that yummy Josh Charles is no longer being on show. JC, what is your next gig?

Then this was next best.
Next to photo of Lena Dunham from "Girls"
"Sorry Hannah, but at a time when lead characters are getting killed off their shows in the middle of the season, the possibility of unexpected adventure in Iowa does not a cliff-hanger make."
Uh, yeah, not even close to a cliff hanger!

Another favorite from 4/4/14 issue!
Next to photo of KB in his "Footloose" suit
"Ageless Kevin Bacon's dance performance on The Tonight Show celebrates the 30th anniversary of Footloose his deal with the devil."
 I actually saw this clip! Hilarious!