Monday, April 7, 2014

Jacqueline quotes begin

Oh some good times are coming! These are priceless.

Over past 2 weeks (3/30-14-4/5/14)
"My new toothbrush" (even though it's not really new like yesterday, more like new a few weeks ago!) - heard 10,000 times a day
"my flip flops" (now that the weather is nice, she can wear them & likes letting others know!)
"that is mine" (for everything!)
"That is MY blanket. Not yours, mine!"

These are heard/said often! OMG!
She understands possessive pronouns! : )

"5 minutes, Julia" while pointing at clock in morning - first time I heard it.
Jai said it has been said before.
Wonder where she's heard that phrase before?! : )

"Stop, Julia. Stop yelling!"
This is said while we are listening to Kelly Clarkson or "Frozen" songs in van every weekend.
Julia really does shout as she sings with gusto!

Storytelling on Skype with Susie
I don't know if Jai got video, lots of gesticulating & articulating.
There is little understanding on my part or Jai's or Susie's! : )
It was HILARIOUS! This girl is a character.

Today's favorite
"No, ma'am. 5 minutes."
Apparently we say that a lot.
Maybe we should start saying 4 or 6 minutes! : )