Sunday, May 18, 2014

Potty Training to Potty Mouth

With a 2.25 year old & almost 5.5 year old, these are the milestones we are experiencing in our household.
Warning: post contains topics that many parents are used to discussing with benign frequency that non-parents might not find as nonchalant, mundane or remotely interesting. Some parents don't either! : )

I don't know if we're any earlier, definitely not later, with potty training with child #2. She has been talking about bathroom activities for months now; Jacqueline seems very interested which is part of the deal. We have friends/acquaintances with similar age, both genders, with potty trained children. However, consistency & practice is a big part of success. She has peed & pooped a few times in potty chair, toilet with surprise, & of course on the floor. Lately we have instituted the commando routine - saves steps, time, diapers. Jacqueline walks around inside & outside (back of house) wearing only a shirt. It's quite funny to see.
We all get SUPER excited, hoping it will continue to happen more frequently. PLEASE!

I guess what comes out, must have a beginning. Some of you might have seen Jai's FB post recently about Julia's dropping of the "F bomb." Yep, it finally happened. Personally I am glad it wasn't on my watch. If you know me, you know I enjoy that word. Until recently I could still say it if I only was around Jacqueline. Now I must confine it to my car when I am alone; occasionally if I am out with a friend & no children are around, it is an option. I didn't witness it, only heard Jai's description. He said once she used it incorrectly (or out of context). The other time she used it correctly in reference to her sister. "You little f ... " Yikes! The horror! Seriously not cool.

However, the comments/responses on FB were kind of funnier. I definitely don't want her to use that language until she is an adult. : ) Jai talked with her & explained that it is not appropriate, but it sounds like he didn't give it too much attention. It is a great opportunity to talk about behavior expectations & also what happens at home versus other places. We don't like her to use the words "stupid" or "hate." Other families might not have an issue with those words. We have conversations with her about body parts, food, skin color - what she hears, sees, thinks.

No doubt some of it is impacted by school attendance, but we saw similar kind of issues when she started going to Parent Day Out 2 days a week. Will she say it again? Probably. Lately both of the girls' favorite word/phrase is "darn it" ... do you know why? Jai & I say it now because we cannot say the other phrase. Do I like it? Not really, but it is dang funny to hear a 2 year old say it.