Friday, April 11, 2014

Texting 101

You know we don't text or didn't until recently. I don't know exactly why I changed my mind. Paranoid, impersonal, awkward social skills - all issues with texting. Too many police procedurals! Not sure why I think my messages are that interesting to be subpoenaed. I have email & a blog. I write a lot more in both of those mediums. Convenience factor alone makes texting awesome. Such fast & immediate communication.

Spring break trip to Atlanta on March 21 is when I activated the service - it was perfect timing.
Best decision I ever made!

QUITE a few people didn't understand what they were seeing when first text from me appeared! : )
"I choked on my lunch!"
"I almost fell down."
"I had to sit down!"

OK - the numbers!
I looked at our account today, wasn't looking for info about texts,but it was right there.
Crazy numbers!

Jai = 250 texts
Susie = 200 texts
TARA = 450 texts


Again BEST decision I ever made!