Wednesday, April 9, 2014

True Detective - 8 Episodes in 1 week

We did it. .We saw all 8 episodes in less than 7 days. Maybe it doesn't seem so hard for you single people or couples without kids, but with 2 small children, working all week, it is not an easy task.

Actually we didn't watch any episodes 2-3 days during week for various reasons so it was a race to get them watched by Sunday's deadline. Also these are HBO episodes so a full 55-59 minutes long, no 40 minutes like network TV.  We watched THREE on Saturday evening! THREE! That is like a VERY LONG movie. Thank goodness for PNO!! : )

OMG! So intense! I don't understand people going into dark, creepy places WITHOUT back up.
Come on! You know that is not smart. No way! No way! Not going to do it! I had to get up & leave the room a few times, I couldn't stand the fear. : )

Matthew Mc. & Woody H - y'all are some amazing actors. Good stuff!