Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mad Men

Season 6 finale airs tonight ... description on DVR says "Don has a problem."
Hmmm ... when does Don not have a problem?
Don is the poster child for problems.
Jai & I laughed when we saw that as the "preview."

HA! That's like watching the trailer for "next week's episode."
WTF is our usual response. Usually we have no clue what any of it means!
Actually we look at each other during an episode, quite often, like what is going on?!

For example, this season, what is the deal with Bob Benson?
He seems so helpful, quite a charmer, yet some people don't like him.
Ironically he always is around to help solve a problem!
He's a busy guy at SCCC or whatever the agency's name is these days! : )

Really? Seriously?
Don has a problem. Peggy has a problem. Pete has a problem.
Who doesn't have a problem. They all have problems!
It's called "stop drinking & be faithful to your spouse!"

We look forward to seeing WHICH problem is displayed tonight. : )