Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today we celebrated 8 years of marriage. WOW!
It also is the same holiday for 2 others friends, married 2 & 3 years, who now also have young children. 
Hopefully they got out for some alone time to celebrate a great day!: )

I've been sick since Sunday, didn't go to church either. Poor Jai got no break for Father's Day.
I thought I was better on Monday ... I even went out with girls to infant/toddler story time at Inglewood NPL.
However, then I went home & crashed!
This morning I woke up with pink eye in addition to cough, sore throat, congestion crud.
Made for an awesome anniversary!

I stayed in bed most of day, hoping to feel well enough to go out for dinner - we have a sitter!
Thank goodness Julia was at PDO so Jai only had Jac to watch.
Our friend from church came over at 5:30pm & watched girls so we made it to dinner. YEAH!!

It was fun, I felt better after putting on a dress and being there; I was tired when we got home.
We then had to get the girls to bed at 8pm which isn't that different from evening routine actually these days!

Dinner was at Suzy Wong's House of Yum- a place we haven't been yet as is tradition. 
It was good; we took some great photos of food & funny self-portraits as is also tradition.
We each had a drink (beer for Jai, yummy mocktail for me), 2 appetizers & 2 entrees. 
We got so much food - we'd both not had lunch so our eyes were BIG! : )

Anniversary present
8 years is BRONZE ... OK - what does that mean?
You know we don't really do gifts for most occasions.
However, we needed a new bed spread/quilt because the one we've had for 8 years is "peeling" at the edges.
Jacqueline really enjoys pulling on it, making strips. : )
So I found a great deal on a coverlet at Gaiam & it arrived last week.
I'd washed it, but hadn't had a chance to change the sheets & remake the bed.
This morning was great opportunity as I wanted to wash everything with HOT water once I woke up with the pink eye.
I love clean sheets, but it was extra special to have the new BEAUTIFUL coverlet on our bed.
We were not sure if it would be warm enough, but it is nice & heavy & thick so plenty warm.
YEAH! You know I like function and beauty! : )

I'm staying home again tomorrow; Jai is taking Julia to $1 movie at Opry Mills.
UGH! I hate summer colds! 
Maybe I'll feel better by Friday so I can be at Y pool for some catch up color before Susie arrives next Tuesday! 

We're also hoping she'll watch the girls so we can go out for DATE NIGHT without being sick. : )