Thursday, June 13, 2013

"I didn't realize" and "actually"

These are some of Julia's current favorite phrases as she begins to explain or express herself.
I realize that I say those words frequently.
It's really interesting how much kids copy us.

This is why I am careful about not dropping the F bomb when I'm around her.
Though I have said it a few times while at the pool in the past 2 weeks, usually hanging with my pal Niki.
There are a ton of kids at the pool too.
I'd hate to annoy some parent as I don't want Julia or Jacqueline hearing it from me, definitely not from someone else.

So far so good with minimal public embarrassment of my children's verbal expressions.
Luckily we have rare temper tantrums or meltdowns while we are out - they save it for home!
They're still considered cute for most of their behavior ... in public, sometimes in private.
Thank goodness! : )