Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Wicked" is AWESOME!

I saw the musical last night with my friend, Niki!

It was the last official part of my birthday celebration.
I asked Jai for TWO tickets so I could invite a friend.

I didn't know how much the tickets are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!
It was so worth it.

Niki hadn't seen it and we had a GREAT time!
Thanks for being my guest and for being my friend, Niki! : )
Thanks for the COOL Hello Kitty gifts as a thank you. Love them!

Thanks, Jai! You are the best husband.
I'm glad Julia slept (eventually!) after we left for the theater.
Pick out a movie so you can be ready to leave when I get home on Thursday.
Get some sushi at Watanabe and see some sci-fi flick and get some popcorn! : )