Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm 9 months old!

Today is 09-09-09 and I am 9 months old.

How cool is that?

I'm sure there are tons of couples getting hitched at wedding chapels in Vegas or families anticipating the arrival of a new baby... to have this date marking a momentous occasion.

Sometimes I cannot believe that I am 9 months old - well, really I hear my mom & dad say it often. I continue to grow (longer mostly, still light & lean) and explore my surroundings. I'm a master cruiser, especially enjoy moving around my crib and Pack-N-Play. My nickname is Spiderwoman - I climb up the sides all the time!

I am really enjoying food, too. I am "my mother's daughter" as the expression goes. Banana has been my favorite; slimy, but delicious. Then I tasted yogurt ... even plain soy is yummy. My taste buds are open to new discoveries. I've also tried sweet potatoes - YUM-O! Yesterday dad fed me some applesauce. Good stuff! Dad talks about the day when he can introduce me to "real" bacon... turkey bacon is not real to him.

I am talking as much as possible - the "b" sounds are fun! Babblish is what we call it. Cute, huh? : )

I also enjoy laughing, especially when my mom & dad start and then we cannot stop! My mom gets really tickled by my laughter. I know she misses me while she's at work all day. Thank goodness I have dad to keep me company until she comes home.

My best bud is Johnders. He loves to lick me, especially my face, but mom & dad don't like it. It really tickles! I like touching his face and there's all that hair to grab! We enjoy staring at each other, usually from the opposite sides of the mesh when I'm in the Pack-N-Play.

Until next monthiversary ... always ready for the next adventure!

P.S. I forgot that I can wave. I really get excited and wave to Johnders when I go up the stairs with mom at bedtime. I also get excited & wave when I see other babies, especially at Las Maracas - very family-friendly restaurant!