Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Mind of Her Own

Tara and I have joked since Julia was born that she was gonna do things her way. She, at the last minute, flipped into the breech position forcing the c-section. She is a very distracted nurser and she's gaining weight about as slowly as you can.

As she's grown she's started to exhibit other "do it my way" traits. She is very quickly moving towards walking - she holds her balance unassisted for several seconds, she's cruising and pulling herself up from all sorts of positions - but she has yet to crawl on hands and knees, she's only about the commando crawl. She didn't start showing teeth until about a month ago and her first two to erupt are her top front instead of the bottom four.

Over the past couple of days, but I especially noticed today, she gets extremely upset when you take away something she is enjoying or remove her from a situation that she's enjoying. This afternoon she was playing with the phone, her new fav toy, and I took it away so we could do something else and she SCREAMED and let loose a flood of these huge movie tears.

Again, the changes are amazing to watch.