Saturday, September 12, 2009


Weight Watchers - I started it again after my sister's visit and her mention of how much I eat. Even with breastfeeding, I know I take it too far and let myself eat more than necessary. It'd be different if I was exercising like I used to, but I'm not. I haven't been to the Y in weeks! I cannot remember the last time I rode my stationary bike. No sit-ups or push-ups - how am I going to get my Michelle Obama arms? I know I will get my pre-pregnancy body back or a version of it; I'm just impatient and I really want to wear my favorite jeans. : )

Ironically with Julia's weight issues, I wish I could give her some of my calories and fat, especially my back fat. I could exercise more consistently, but I'd rather sleep or watch TV then figure out an exercise routine.

Jai &d I say we're donating to the Y right now. It happens - we'll (mainly me I suspect since that was the norm before Julia) get back there eventually. Also we (read Jai) go to the park some - got to take Johnders to the dog park so he gets exercise, too.

We constantly hear "she's so petite" and many people marvel at her abilities ... they assume Julia's much younger so they are surprised she can sit up or crawl or whatever it is. Then they are amazed when we say how old she is. Julia wears clothes sized 0-12 months, but most are 6-9 months - usually she's about 3 months less than her age. Some babies and children are too big - childhood obesity is a major issue.

However, I wish she weighed 1-3 pounds more than now. My issue I know!
Julia's doctor says that gymnasts, for example, are born with a small shape/frame, they don't start big and then lose weight. Someone has to be smaller and that is definitely Julia. We believe that Julia will be a gymnast.

Luckily she's healthy AND really strong and has not been sick yet. Seriously not one cold or sniffle or cough, no green mucus, NOTHING! Thank goodness for healthy living and breast milk.