Friday, July 3, 2009

TENNIS - I love this sport!

I am definitely getting my fill of watching tennis this summer with both French Open & Wimbledon! I told Jai that I looked forward to week 2 of Wimbledon as there is less tennis. : )

Wimbledon is my favorite. It is cool to watch the coverage and see the grounds and remember walking around the place last year. I love it when Julia wears her Wimbledon sun hat. I tell her sometimes "last year WE were there" since I was 4 months pregnant in late-June.

In a way I’m bummed that we won’t see a Federer-Nadal final again. I am excited the Williams sisters made it a repeat final!

1. Wii commercials showcasing the non-famous players beating the famous sports people, especially the images of the tennis players

2. US Open series commercials:
a. Federer: “Rog”
b. Venus’ dog Henry doesn’t really like tennis.
c. Serena’s dolls (look like Williams sisters!) fighting – “victory is mine!”
d. Andy Roddick’s one not as funny as I expected; I really enjoy his post-match press conferences!
In the his press conference yesterday about playing Andy Murray in the semi-final, A.Rod said 2 funny things:
1) holding up his hand he says he can count how many supporters he'll have in the crowd
2) when he hears the cheers "come on, Andy" he's going to pretend and tell himself that they mean him ... he's funny! : )
3. outfits:
a. loved Maria S’s dress, too bad she lost so early
b. hated Petrova’s dress, glad she lost so I didn’t have to see it again
c. Safina’s top is too small – “not appropriate for Centre Court” a commentator said; I agree!
d. I like Serena’s dress, similar to Maria’s
4. 38 year old player (Dante Grumm I think are her last names correction: Kimiko Date Krumm) – same age as me! Playing in Wimbledon after 13 years hiatus (think she got married and had some kids). She played Caroline W. who wasn’t even born yet when Dante Grumm played in her first Wimbledon! CRAZY!

5. Quote on Serena’s T-shirt one day this week: “Strong is the new Beautiful.” LOVE it!

I really like the Wimbledon towels this year, too!

I love tennis so much. : )