Monday, July 27, 2009

Our First Day Together

Tara left for a new school year around 8am this morning and from then until 4pm it was all me, Julia & Johnders.

Here's what the day looked like.

8am - Tara left. I attempted to get a very active baby to success in the crib so I shaved (it had been a couple of weeks)
9am - Julia still awake, meaning no early AM nap. Jai pulls out the sling Tara has so much trouble with and surprisingly tucks Julia in neatly. She immediately stops all noise and just sits there, staring. We get Johnders for breakfast, my 2nd cup of coffee and a game of "Battle for Middle Earth II" (yes, you can call me a geek). Julia dozes off for about 20 minutes.
10am - phone wakes Julia (still in sling, in my lap), I get Julia's milk ready. I, nor Julia, like the Adiri bottle. So I went back to the special needs feeder on regular bottle and she finished it. After some silliness and a big yawn we tried for another nap.
10:50am - Julia and I lay down on the sofa. After some fussing on her part we both doze.
11:30am - I transfer her to the crib and finally a nap
1pm - Lunch & Home Depot
2pm - grill pattypan squash and wait for Tara to come home.

Nothing really eventful but Julia won't sleep. Even now at 8pm with a 2 hour nap at lunch she doesn't want to sleep.

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