Sunday, July 26, 2009

Farewell, Summer Vacation, Farewell!

I already wrote about summer break not being the same. Actually, no school breaks or holidays will be the same again or at least not for many years! Obviously they will be different because we have Julia and they will be wonderful, too.

However, in the selfish vein of losing Tara time, I write it won't be the same.
NO sleeping late... sleeping at all is a treat!
NO book at the pool... well, reading a book these days is a lofty goal. A magazine is more my speed for the attention span and energy I have.
Running errands freely and meeting friends for lunch spontaneously - NOPE! Well, you know I'm not really spontaneous, but still won't be happening so much.
I always connect my birthday with summer time - I was always out of school.
Not anymore. Since I started working at a high school or middle school, I'm usually back to work the week before my birthday.

A reason to move to an elementary school. : )