Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cocktails & Nails and Sushi

Recently "Cocktails & Nails" has become a regular monthly date with my friend, Anne Marie again. We used to get together once a month for a facial or pedicure, then dinner of sushi at the now closed Taste of Tokyo in Hillsboro Village. We got together before we got married and before we had children. We continued our tradition until last summer when Sam was born.

Then we resurrected it in April once Julia was older and Tara felt stronger. : ) Sadly our favorite haunt, TOT, closed in January. We didn't know! We missed the chance to say thanks and good-bye to Lucy and Peter and the other TOT employees we had seen monthly for YEARS.

We also had to find a new place for food and pampering; it had to be close enough to fit in our new world of parenting ... we only have so much time, especially me who has to get home to feed Julia OR pump. We discovered that Magnolia Spa in East Nashville has "Cocktails & Nails" on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7pm; if you bring a friend you get a 10% discount off. You also can get a glass of wine to drink while your feet soak. Usually we don't get an alcoholic beverage though it depends on the day, sometimes it seems attractive! : ) However, Anne Marie isn't a fan of red wine which is usually what they have; I don't because I'm not a big fan of wine and I'm breastfeeding. Battered & Fried is a restaurant up the street and they have sushi. We meet after our husbands get home from work, get our feet done and then walk across the street and have GREAT sushi. Our favorite is The Firefly. YUM!

We went last night; this month I think we're going to a consignment sale together. I suspect our next date for Cocktails & Nails and Sushi will be late August since I go back to work soon.

I'll attach a photo of our feet and our sushi - I got blue on my toes in honor of Independence Day!

Looking forward to more pampering and sushi soon!