Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Sounds

When most people think of baby sounds they (including pre-Julia me) usually think of the sweet cooing or the mind-numbing wails.

I am here to tell you that there is a symphony of sounds an almost 8 month old can make. You do have that sweet cooing and that distressing wail but you also have extended, wet raspberries and shrieks that bring to mind a velociraptor or pterodactyl. There is the constant chatter that reminds me of what Nell might sound like in the midst of a Jack Daniels binge.

Recently there has been a combination of noises that gives the aural image of what I think an insane asylum (I know, I know.) might sound like. Julia has discovered that sometimes it is more fun to stand up and cling to the side of the crib for dear life - instead of sleeping. This action is accompanied by a progression of baby noises starting with a grunt or two and then some talking combined with shierks of joy and raspberries. You will probably hear some growls (this is very new) and yells (for no particular reason) and back to the chatter. The intensity builds to a silence and that silence is usually followed by screams and cries of frustration - we think its b/c she can't figure out how to sit back down. This level of frustration will build until she hears us move toward the stairs and when we are in eyesight we are greeted by her beaming smile and a joyous outburst, followed by giggles. If you take that series and progression of sounds and put it with an adult voice you get something akin to Renfield in Dracula but with Julia it just makes her that much cuter.

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