Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hair Loss

I thought it was the haircut ... that was 3 weeks ago!

I looked in "What to Expect the First Year" and apparently it is normal in the first few months postpartum. It has something to do with all of the pregnancy hormones, maybe related to the prenatal vitamin you take, and how much more hair grows. Then after the birth, the hormones are different and the hair growth stops and makes the extra hair come out.

Goodness gracious, I'm glad I have lots of hair because a lot of it is coming out - in the shower, in my comb, on clothes. Some of you know how much I dislike all the hairs. UGH!!!!!!!

I love to get waxed too. I still haven't convinced Jai to do that to his beard. I keep trying!

Anyway, if you see a bald spot, let me know. : )