Thursday, April 9, 2009

4 months and Basically Brillant

Today I am 4 months old. I weigh 11 pounds 5 ounces which makes mom very happy! My head grew another 1 cm and I am 1 1/4 inches longer since last month. Basically I am growing everywhere I'm supposed to.

My doctor likes my social smile which my parents think is normal and kind of flirtatious; lots of people notice how fun I am. I'm personable. You smile at me; I'll smile at you.

I am meeting lots of milestones for my age and actually impressed Dr. Robinson with my book handling skills... might be advanced. Not surprising given my parents... Wellesley and Sewanee... I've got brains! My dad described how I pay attention during story time and hold the book and really seem to want to turn the pages. My cloth book "Colors" is always with me in the car seat and I turn those pages... also, I like to put them in my mouth.

I sit with assistance in the Boppy and in the bouncy seat obviously.
I love to grab my feet and even put my toes in my mouth.
I've been on my tummy and rolled over to my back.

I go back to the doctor in 2 months. I should definitely be double my birth weight (13 pounds 2 ounces), probably more. I hope to demonstrate some new tricks. Maybe I'll be rolling over (from back to front), crawling some and sitting up more on my own.