Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GMS visit

I didn't write about my first visit to work with Julia because that was the day of the doctor visit and the weight issue. However, today's trip to Goodlettsville Middle School was no different in terms of the quest to love on Julia. She gets tons of compliments - beautiful, precious, adorable, gorgeous. I try to be clever and say "Julia would say thank you if she could" even though a plain thank you is expected. Someone even commented on her brilliant book-handling skills which might be advanced for a 4 month old.

My two immediate co-workers who witnessed and experienced most of my pregnancy are truly hilarious about who gets to hold Julia first and how long. They also monitor other people's interactions with her, even with Niki! Actually it is kind of nice to have someone else police other people with the baby.

However, their interactions with each other about Julia are the most entertaining. The following are some of their comments:
"I don't want to wait to hold her and then she'll be all tired and cranky ... like last time."
"I can hold Julia while you two catch up."
"If she wanted a white lady to hold her, she has Grandma Bonnie."
(one of my co-workers is black and one is white) (that is my favorite quote!)
We all are excited to have me return to work in a few weeks; however, I suspect they really want Julia to come, too! : )