Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today was my first day back to work at school. It was a GOOD day! It was wonderful to leave Julia with Jai and get in my car and drive here. I called Susie at 7:50am (even though it is 2 hours earlier she was ignoring her snooze button) and said "guess where I am?!" She was not as enthusiastic as she is ready for the end of the school year. Perspective!

I was early, too, which was a good idea since I needed to clean and reorganize my office space. Since it had been so long, had another occupant (you know how I am about cleanliness), and to set up my pumping station. My co-workers were so happy and excited to see me. All day when I saw co-workers, they said "good to have you back." So nice and welcoming!

I had over 500 emails!
I didn't read all of them - many were irrelevant at this point.

There was a situation/conflict between some 6th grade students at about 9am - luckily my colleague handled it for me because I had to pump ... and I'm a little rusty on counseling!

One of the students said: "You look different ... you used to be skinny."
I said "remember I was pregnant" ... (nothing, no change in response or attitude).
I repeated myself ... (again NOTHING!).
I said "I have a baby" (I am slightly annoyed) and walked away.
Later my colleague said she heard the student say "oh, baby fat."
OMG! Too much! : )

I pumped 3 times and the total was 11 3/4 ounces which is pretty good. I'll see how much Julia eats today. Luckily I have milk in the freezer to help supplement any shortfall.

Today also marked Barack Obama's First 100 days as President of the U.S.
Overall a really good day.