Monday, April 13, 2009

and the shrieking has begun!

Julia really enjoys her mouth. She is having a blast exploring all of possible sounds and fluids that can be made with her tongue, throat and entire mouth. Mostly it is hilarious as are lots of things she is discovering. Sometimes it is confusing as she sounds distressed, but usually is not.

Typically Julia makes the most sounds when she is laying in her Pack-N-Play; she tends to be more quiet and serious when sitting up. However, yesterday she put on a show at Easter lunch at our friends' house. We have a performer amongst us!

Then today she took it to a new level. Julia got LOUD, I mean really loud!!!!!!! Seriously I am concerned about her throat getting raw and sore.

However, seeing the world through a baby's new eyes is a glorious thing! Definitely reminds you to keep it simple.