Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The buzz has hit the fan

A week or so ago I sent out a mass email at work explaining that at some point in the near future I would be unexpectedly unavailable. At the same time my boss decided to throw a baby shower for me. Between the two events, people are constantly asking me "are you ready?," "how's your wife?" and "hello papa." It's sweet and nice to be liked, but the attention is a mixed bag. On one level I don't like the attention. I feel self-conscious and stupid even. On another level it is nice to know people like you.
Tara's comment: Welcome to my world for the past 6 months! : )
  • "Am I ready?" I have no choice. I am nervous; I don't have any experience with babies.
  • "How's my wife?" Tara is strong and confident. She looks as cute as ever. She's having some heartburn issues but other than that she's pushing through.
  • "Hello papa." Yes, I'm gonna be a daddy. I'm nervous about the changes it will bring... no money, time or sleep, etc. I know I will be fine but holy crap!