Sunday, November 2, 2008

Misery Loves Company

For anyone who has been paying attention to my blog entries you might have noticed that I haven't written much in the last few weeks. Actually my sister said something about there not being anything new; it's nice to be missed : )

I was sick, very tempted to get some traditional meds so you know I was really miserable.

It's not really surprising considering the time of year and change in weather as well as my vocation. Germs have been flying around. Combine that with a month of little sleep created by this heartburn phenomenon (oh my goodness!), then this congestion that happens in the 7th & 8th months [maybe next month, too : ( ] and constant trips to the bathroom. Plus I got the flu shot which is recommended for women who are pregnant and I always get the shot because of having asthma. Voila, a cold is in the making! Then I got a vicious cough which is not good with a large belly, especially when the baby decided to start a full-court press on my chest. It was not good times. I missed work most of last week which is difficult for me to do, but I had no choice - I wasn't going anywhere.

Funny side story:
My co-worker was out 2 days for a conference and then discovered she had pink-eye. Thankfully I didn't see her until after she started treatment and was permitted to return to work. I told Jai that if I'd gotten pink-eye after all of the other ailments, I would have said "take me to the hospital and take this baby out now. I am DONE!"

Fortunately I have a wonderful husband; Jai continues to pick up the slack, keeps the house running and takes care of Johnders. I feel blessed to have an equal partner who loves me and the baby dearly.

I discovered some natural remedies that really work and saved me.
1. licorice (liquid extract I put in my water) - helps with congestion AND heartburn
2. papaya extract (yummy chewable tablets) - helps with digestion AND heartburn

I felt so much better today. We went for a walk at Shelby Park, ate dinner out and saw a movie. I told Jai we have to take advantage of any burst of energy! I anticipate a return to exhaustion soon enough. There is limited time to do anything we want to do before the baby's arrival really changes our lives forever.