Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby Shower # 3

Today was the baby shower at Goodlettsville Middle School where I work. After each shower, I'm filled with such gratitude and warm feelings and think "best shower ever!" Truly each event was special for various reasons and today's celebration was no different. I really appreciate the genuine and generous support I've received throughout my pregnancy. Daily I am asked how I am feeling - teachers see me more often in the halls as I make my frequent trips to the bathroom! : ) - and other curious questions about the pregnancy. It's lovely to be surrounded by such care and concern.

The loot was bountiful! The theme at this shower included books which has been consistent and of course, we're educators. There is a lot of washing/cleaning type items (washcloths, hooded towels, an adorable robe) so the baby will be clean. : ) Also I got TONS of baby outfits, most from consignment stores, thrift stores and yard sales, which I love; again most stuff looks hardly worn. Finally baby Sanders will have some clothes to wear - seriously she or he is set for at least the first year. I also received lots of Target gift cards : ) as well as some gift cards/certificates from Whole Foods/Body and Uncommon Goods which I really look forward to using!

My favorite gift and though it seems unfair to pick a most liked present when presented with such an outpouring of generosity, for those present, they saw my reaction. The "Life is Good" red snowflake onesie and hat are definitely the winner! They are SO adorable and perfect for a December (winter) baby. I have another outfit picked out for the baby's trip home from the hospital, but this one is a keeper and I anticipate the baby will wear it often.

Big shout out to Niki for her second set of shower gifts which are her very creative creations. We now have a peace blanket and earth onesie, a blanket with "Sanders" (no first name since that's a surprise!) sewn on it, a 37216 zip code onesie, and two colorful burp cloths.

The food was good - I cannot forget the food, best part of being pregnant! Whitt's BBQ is so yummy. The dessert was homemade cupcakes (from a local business woman, recommended by a co-worker who always gets her birthday cakes made by her). You know I love the frosting! : )

A BIG thanks to my co-workers who organized a wonderful event - Tara P., Dominique, Jeanie and Niki. You are the best!

Today was blessed for MANY reasons. Happy Election Day!

Baby Sanders cannot wait to meet everyone - soon ...