Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Third Trimester - TIRED!

As with the transition from first to second trimester and feeling exponentially more energetic, the same seemed to happened immediately from the second to third trimester ... no energy! It is unbelievable how tired I am. Unfortunately I hear often how that's good training for living with a newborn and in general being a parent. UGH! In addition to the brain cell loss, the baby is using everything and leaving me with nothing. These days my goal is to go to work and hopefully accomplish something and get home. Occasionally I have plans after work, but that's going to have to change. Same with blog posts. I was so excited to create the blog and add to the blog ... then ... now I'm too tired! Jai will have to do more - just as he's picked up more slack around the house. Carrying laundry up & down stairs, cleaning the house, caring for the dog [he already was doing that for the most part! : )]. This baby-supporting business is exhausting work!