Monday, September 8, 2008

Nesting Weekend

Tara and I have been fretting about where and how to do a baby registry. We want people to reuse as much as possible (shop goodwill & consignments). However, we know that some won't or can't do that. We also want to use as many natural and/or organic products. Again, we recognize that might be difficult for some. We went to Target and created a registry. We exhausted what they had in the store and added online only items. In addition we list some other vendors, mostly online companies (see list above).

We also did some rearranging in the house. We are fortunate to live in a large enough house where we don't have to do a lot. The nursery is the room I had as a child and young adult. When we renovated 3 years ago we painted the room green, a neutral color good for either gender; it won't be repainted until the child wants to help. We needed to change it from living/office space to baby space and that's a lot of what we did this weekend. There's still some to do!