Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yesterday would have been my mother's 84th birthday. I didn't give it much thought until my Aunt left a message. Tara asked what it was all about and proceeded to ask if it meant anything and I said not really. 

I mean I miss my Mom and I really hate the fact that she is not around to share the milestones:
Eagle Scout - 1984
high school graduation - 1985La Alhambra
Spain - 1988
college graduation - 1989
moving out of the house - 1992
Tara - 2003
baby - 2008
Bonnie & Tara before the big moment

Of course, this opens the whole can of worms about how my life might have been different if she were still around. Would I have gone to Sewanee, or Spain, or Baton Rouge? Would I have met Tara? Would my Dad still be alive? Would they still be married?

The timing of the baby is interesting b/c if the baby comes on time it will be 2 days after what would have been my Dad's 90th. It is possible that my child will be born on my father's birthday. That's cool but there again I miss my Dad for many of the same reasons. He died 12 years after my Mom so he saw many of the milestones I mentioned above, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. ;-)

Jimmy & Fran loungin' 50s style
For a lot of reasons I don't think about their deaths the same way as my Aunt does. She really, REALLY, misses her family (she is the last member of her parents' nuclear family left) and it weighs her down. My parents cross my mind a lot and I would say, most often in that "what if" mode. I see changes in the world and in my life and I would love to have their input.  The thought is usually gone as quickly as it arrived. I have my periods of depression, or as my Mom said, "feeling blue" but they aren't terribly overwhelming.

Bonnie, the Gardner

I do wish my child had the opportunity to know my parents. I knew my grandmothers but not my grandfathers and unfortunately my child(ren) will follow suit. I guess I have the opportunity to make them into mythological beings, which isn't such a bad opportunity. Besides we always have Bonnie and she will make up for everybody else who's not around.