Monday, September 8, 2008

Second Trimester - the last few weeks

In general the second trimester has been great. I haven't been as tired as I was during the beginning of the pregnancy, I eat anything and everything, I still can move and sleep comfortably. Even going to the bathroom often hasn't been too inconvenient - I drink water constantly so I was used to frequency. Finally the baby bump appeared, I started wearing maternity pants and tops, new bras were a necessity and people could more confidently determine I was pregnant and not just a little fuller around the middle. : ) During these weeks and months, I first felt flutters that have become more definite movements by him or her.

As I approach the end of 27 weeks and soon will begin the 3rd trimester, I feel HUGE! I know that size is relative and my perception is different from others ("you don't look 6 1/2 months pregnant!"). However, I truly wonder about the increasing size I will become. I'm definitely feeling more tired and I can see the need for those daily naps again. I'm a little slower getting out of bed and off the couch, I go to the bathroom a lot and the heartburn returned! Thankfully this baby is mellow, moves a bit, but no rib strains or elbow jabs like WWF (or WWE as it's now called) ... yet! : ) Thankfully the baby's heartbeat always sounds strong & loud when I visit the midwife. Mellow is good, like Jai's personality, and I hope that bodes well for post-birth also.