Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fascinating Observation

For lack of another clever title, I had an interesting conversation today. I went to a 1/2 day training, unexpected as it was intended for MS & HS counselors mainly, but I found out & went. Glad I did, great stuff about college readiness & preparation & it really is a Pre-K-12 mindset. Hopefully this speaker will be brought back for ES counselors soon.

I sat with some colleagues whom I know mainly from my MS days which is where both individuals have worked most of career as counselors. One person I know better asked about my children, talking about how big they've gotten, in school now, wow, already, where does she go to school ... you know they drill, we catch up a bit. My children are young, theirs are not, they each have 1 grown child in college. They both are not much older than me, yet are less than 5-10 years of being eligible for retirement (30 years of service) & I am only 1/2 way. Example, person said in 7 years can retire at age 52 ... that means I am only 2 years or so younger. WOW! Such different places you know.

Anyway, I asked where their children attended school. Keep in mind that they have worked these 20+ years for MNPS as teacher & counselor. 1 person said some private school for K-8, then DA for HS. Other person said USN for K-12. Conversation already included discussion about college fees & how they weren't going anywhere during summer because Belmont was getting all their money & they get no financial aid from completing FASA because they appear to make too much money. Luckily that will NOT be our situation since we have 1 income. : )

OK - so this is interesting to me. This is not first time I have encountered this scenario. You work for MNPS, but your children attend private school. 15 years ago MNPS was a different place ... actually that is around the time I started working for MNPS. Both individuals are African-American women - not sure if that makes a difference, just interesting, also both children are female. Actually they are friends - I asked if they knew each other at Belmont. Not sure if moms were friends & kids met or whatever, but they've all known each other a long time. Regardless interesting stuff. Person 1 whose child graduated from DA said that her child attended a "public" college (MTSU, TSU, UT),  but couldn't handle it so had to go to private.

Not sure what that means, but again interesting stuff. Oh, best part, when discussing money, person 1 said her child gets no scholarships ... initially I thought because she didn't get any. NOPE! She didn't apply! No way. I applied for EVERYTHING in HS even some Delta & AKA affiliated scholarships & I didn't know anything or anyone connected to those organizations. She said she talked with her about it, but she wouldn't do it & she's a school counselor. WTF! Unacceptable. It is called, stop paying for Belmont, young person gets a job, apply for some scholarships. I know what TSU was like for graduate school & it was shockingly different from Wellesley & I was older than 18 or 22, but I finished & it was definitely cheaper.

Fascinating stuff ... Julia & Jacqueline be ready to get some money for college, no free ride from parents. : )