Tuesday, June 3, 2014

1 Lawn Mower ... Taken ... Good news!

Cleaning out garage ... seems to be an annual summer activity, especially when I'm packing up my office & I need storage space for 7 weeks. So I find QUITE a few items that need to be gone, either taken to drop-off center off Trinity Lane or put on the street. I loaded up the van yesterday with some chemical liquids & other items, including full container of glass bottles, for Jai to take this morning.

Well, we also have a few lawn mowers, 1 that barely works Jai says & needs repair. The other does NOT work. So this morning on way to Y, struggling, I pushed it to the curb in front of our house. I figured someone who likes to fix machines might grab it at some point today. Hoping!

As I'm leaving for work & pull out of the driveway later this morning, a police car is driving by & motions for me to stop & asks if the lawn mower is mine. I say yes. Officer inquires if I meant to leave it there to which I reply "yes, it's no good, doesn't work." Officer: "Oh, it's kaput. Are you hoping someone will take it?" "Yes" I say. Officer says "maybe you should put a sign on it." I say "great idea, I'll call my husband. Thanks!"

I drive off as I am now even later for work, thank goodness it is a work day & I'll stay late again today to finish everything on my TO DO list. I call Jai & leave long voicemail & tell him the story. I finish with "it looks like rain, don't worry about a note." When I get home after putting away my stuff, I go to bathroom. Julia rushes in (there is NO privacy in this house!). With excitement, she says "guess what?! Did you see the lawn mower?" I said "no, actually, I didn't notice when I got home." Julia says "it's gone. I wrote a note that said 'Please take' and someone did:" She was SO excited, smiling ear to ear!

So great! On so many levels. My girl can write a note that helps us get rid of stuff. You know I love it! : )