Monday, October 7, 2013

Weaning Completed

It started about 2 weeks ago, just changed the bed time routine a bit, see how Jacqueline dealt with not nursing at bedtime. Jai & I switched so he took Jac upstairs & rocked her to sleep. I worked with Julia to get ready for bed, change into pajamas, brush teeth, read some books. It worked like a charm, no pushback or tears from Jacqueline. It probably helps that she started saying "night night" & thinks it is like a game or something so it's fun.

Am I sad? Hmmm ... not really. Probably a really small part as this is it, not going to breastfeed another baby. However, there are so many other wonderful activities I get to do with my kids. Jac is really getting into reading more which is a HUGE relief so that's being incorporated more into her bedtime routine too.

Baby is growing up ... not really a baby anymore. Yeah, more independence is on its way!!!! : )