Saturday, October 12, 2013

FB2013 Sister Trip in Phoenix - Days 3 & 4

Fri. 10/11 
1. Again I woke up early at 5am, read & finished Wellesley magazine (Spring 2013); Susie woke up soon & got ready for her PT appt.
2. We drank breakfast smoothie again on our way to spa appointments in Tempe.
3. Back treatment & facials - ahh, vacation! : )
4. As we traveled back to Phoenix proper, hunger motivated us to stop sooner than planned. We found an Indian place near ASU - fast & yummy & hopes of meat.  Much more affordable & delish.

Side Note - funny story about Indian restaurant experience
1 of the employees REALLY liked Susie. If I'd cared I might have felt slighted ... especially since my 15 pound weight loss, I am definitely a MILF. Come on!
It was serious full court press & I was slightly annoyed as I didn't really want to chit chat.
He's lucky there was buffet so I got food & ate while he asked a gazillion questions. After 1 trip to & from buffet, I said "someone likes you" in a sing-songy voice & Susie said "be quiet, I have more to tell you" ... intriguing, what happened while I was gone. Then the air chilled, barely came to our table, maybe cleared a plate, but no convo ... what had happened since the previous visit to buffet. Later Susie told me he asked her if she was single & could they be Facebook friends??!! Seriously! Come on! We should have complained to manager. Your employee sucks!

5. We didn't work on Susie's clutter today.

6. Back home for rest time - Susie was studying for her other class, the on-line one. I read "Eleanor & Park", still loving it! Again I fell asleep for another long nap, about 3 hours. : )
7. We were still stuffed from lunch so dinner food was leftovers & snacks.
8. We watched TV again - Netflix DVD "Helena from the Wedding", an indie film Susie had gotten, interesting look at marriage, friendships, parenthood ... my life! : )
9. We stayed up late again talking, eating mocha ice cream, also watched "Blue Bloods" (episode 4 actually though I haven't watched 1-3 yet; surprisingly I didn't feel lost or confused) on TV.
10. I read more of "Eleanor & Park" - it is so good! : )

Sat. 10/12  
1. We woke at 6:30am. I don't know why I'm awake so early when I'm going to sleep after 11pm. It must be because I'm getting uninterrupted sleep without being responsible for anyone other than myself. It is so nice, such a treat! Even though I really need 7+ hours of sleep, I've been functioning on 5-6 hours, usually interrupted at least once for middle of night bathroom break, if not call from a small child, that I feel refreshed by 6 good hours of sleep.
2. We drove to a local park (everything seems SO far away yet Susie says it is "close") to play tennis FINALLY. Sadly the balls are too used, quite flat so we only play for 15-20 minutes before deciding no more, we'll try again tomorrow with some new balls. It was fun, really miss playing tennis.
3. Back home we showered/dressed before heading to Phoenix Public Market, local farmers' market. We went with Susie when we visited in March. I enjoyed many samples ... time for a real meal.
4. Soon we had produce (and I got some beef jerky!) and drove to Windsor, another hip neighborhood restaurant, with a short menu, for brunch. I got something called "The Matador" - eggs over cheesy potatoes with crispy tortilla strips, salsa verde & avocado relish. Really yummy, little spicy. Susie got vegetable frittata with English muffin. Luckily S always brings her to go containers so she makes sure we save some for later & don't eat too much now. I almost forgot we indulged in a fun adult beverage, a pitcher of Pimms, in honor of Wimbledon. Whew, it doesn't take much for me to be lit. It was yummy, mint, cucumber, limes plus ginger beer & some kind of alcohol.
5. Back home we continued cleaning, cleaning more in S's bedroom, a little in closet, filled another bag.  Later we focused on stacks of receipts from past 7-8 years, I shredded them while Susie cleaned out old papers in file cabinet. In the evening we shredded more documents while watching TV - we picked up a DVD from Red Box after dinner.
6. We ate out a 2nd meal, dinner at The Parlor, another funky hipster place, known for its pizza. We enjoyed some happy hour specials - apps & alcohol (only Susie), including a BBQ chicken pizza for me.
7. We picked up "Broken City" - Mark Wahlberg, doesn't matter what movie is about. It actually was pretty good, good company as we continued to shred years of receipts. Thank goodness today we mostly are paperless for most accounts/transactions. We agreed to stop at 9pm so we could watch rest of movie & eat some ice cream from another fun place called Churn. I had cookies & mint, yum; S had vanilla/chocolate.