Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stratford HS football game

Last night we went to the football game at SHS. We had a blast!

A friend invited us to a tailgating party for the home opener in September. Even though I'm not a football fan, we planned to attend because we want to support our cluster, but we had stomach bug. : (

Another friend told me about efforts in neighborhood to build community involvement & plans for more tailgating at next home football game. However, it was the weekend we were going camping at Montgomery Bell State Park. Darn!

Then I looked at schedule when we returned from our fall break trips & saw there was another home game. The weather was getting cooler in evening, but we bundled up & headed over to the stadium. We arrived just in time to walk in ahead of the marching band - barely! We paid entrance fees - $6 a person. Luckily the girls were free since under 5 and so was I as an MNPS employee so only $6 for Jai. WOO HOO! : )

After pausing for the National Anthem, we climbed the bleacher steps to top area ... right next to band's area we discovered once they finished their procession. How cool! It was fun - more festive sitting near them. We cheered throughout the game as Stratford played Maplewood HS ... sometimes we wish he had been more. The quarterback is quite the renaissance player - he seemed to be everywhere!

At half time there was a presentation of students for Senior Recognition Night, 12th grade students walked with family and/or friends as their accomplishments were shared aloud. They are some busy sounding young people! Then the band performed a routine on the field. They were good.

This is last home football game, but we plan to attend a few basketball games in December and January hopefully. Even though we knew NO ONE, had a great time & hope to get to know others while attending games. At least basketball games are inside ... warmer! : )