Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crib Climber ... Toddler Bed?

Over the less few days of September & into October, Ms. Jacqueline tested her mettle. First she started climbing out of the Pack N Play during/after nap - suddenly she appeared in living room or bathroom. Then at bedtime, we'd hear a thunk & then Jac appeared at the top of stairs, saying "Mommy" or "Daddy." This also means that she is not sleeping as long as she normally does ... might not be related. However, we think Jac is thrilled by this new ability ... hopefully it will even itself out.

With trips planned during Fall Break & routines jumbled up, we know it will be a little crazy for a few more days/weeks. Thinking about whether it's time for Jacqueline to have a big girl bed ... seems too young. Julia was over 2 before she had mattress on floor, 3 when she got the big bed. We have the 2nd bed frame in basement so really we just have to get the mattress ... money needed for that.

Also there's the freedom factor. I'm not concerned about Jac getting in or out of bed, she'll be fine.
NO - it's the freedom of getting out of bed whenever she's awake. I don't like that factor at all. : )