Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweet Moment

Lately I've been staying up late - mainly working on camping coordination (made EAC blog), also I'm now chair of PTO committee at Julia's school. When I go upstairs to bed, the girls are always asleep. I check on them & then turn off lamp by Julia's bed. Lately I have felt particularly emotional as I look at them, especially Jacqueline, but they're both so adorable. OMG!

So peaceful in sleep, too. Quiet after the crazy running around, talking, loudness that is these 2 girls all day! It probably is because this week we've altered bedtime routine a bit. No nursing for Jac so Jai starts the process with her, I'm with Julia. I'm glad for more time with Julia too. It's been different, she seems OK, hasn't called/cried for me. Jac also loves saying "night, night" with a big smile/grin so that seems like a good distraction.

She's 20 months old, weaning is not that unusual, 6 months longer than I nursed Julia, but this is it. No more kiddos, no more breastfeeding. I am glad we're doing it the 2 weeks before Fall Break. We'll all be traveling - I'll be in Phoenix, Jai & girls in Chicago. This is the first time for me to be away from Jac, longest I've ever been away from Julia, longest I've been away from Jai in 5 years! I'm excited though - I haven't had a sister trip in 2 years & I was pregnant so not the same! PHX here I come! : )