Sunday, September 29, 2013

The end of cable ... and TV watching

Slightly dramatic title, but this is a big moment for my TV watching experience.

We finally did it, cut the cord (not literally, but kind of) and have about 5 channels. WHAT is that?? After a year (or more) of discussing costs & amount of TV we watch, we downgraded cable package to Basic. Ironically enough, the real catalyst was Comcast cutting off the DVR. I guess we'd had a special deal & it had expired (another reason we procrastinated, "we have the special, let's ride it out!") so no more services. No warning, no communication, nothing! I also got a bill for $120 and I said "I'm not paying this much money for NOTHING!" (that's how I perceive life without DVR).

We also had bought a Roku MONTHS ago, but hadn't hooked it up - also our former TV was 8 years old so I guess too old to work with a newer gadget. I'm not sure exactly what a Roku means, but it allows streaming with these various services (you pay a monthly fee) like Netflix, HuluPlus, Crackle. I don't know. Now I rarely watch TV unless Jai or Julia are around because I don't know how to operate the new equipment either. They do - of course!

If Julia is around, we're watching PBS Kids anyway so I might as well not be watching TV. : ) I'm glad she's watching quality TV, but it's not my choice for TV. I'm sure I'll start to experiment & practice, but for now, I'm watching less TV. Good thing since I have camping & PTO committee work & work-work! : )