Saturday, August 31, 2013

Virgin Diet update

11 pounds in 6.5 weeks! It's going so well! : )

Tuesday is last day of 7 weeks of V-Diet. I plan to continue it as I have 9 more pounds to reach my Oct. 8 goal (5 weeks) which is also what I weighed before I got pregnant with Julia. Currently I'm 2 pounds away from what I weighed before I got pregnant with Jacqueline!

It will be close, but I'll be happy regardless. My eventual goal is another 5-10 pounds after the initial 20 so that I'll be in top range of my suggested BMI. Honestly I think if I lose any more I'll look anorexic.

Even if I don't get to the exact number by 10/8, I will start again after my (used to be annual) "Sister Trip" during Fall Break (October) to see Susie in Phoenix. She is doing VD too & eats vegetarian (vegan sometimes too) so I know we'll eat healthy; hopefully play some much needed tennis. We didn't get to play tennis like usual during her summer visit to Nashville because of S's foot injury.

Counting calories is making the difference - overall I'm eating less. Exercise is important too, but food intake is my nemesis. Also being gluten free is a good part of plan. Adding the other 3 foods independently in last 4 weeks was not too revolutionary. My body doesn't react to soy, dairy, egg in major ways. Eating gluten has been telling, especially wheat. Ezekiel bread or spelt are OK for me to eat, but wheat is not!

I look forward to being at maintenance point too. : )

Additional Note:
A friend asked how Jai was doing. Good question, didn't mean to exclude his progress. : )
Jai is doing pretty well.  Strangely he hasn't lost as much weight as I expect (men usually lose faster). He's lost 9 pounds ... I think he has about 35 more.  He stays up later than me & snacks. He's doing better after he gained 2 pounds 1 week & then he started logging/counting calories the next week.