Saturday, September 28, 2013

Update on Julia's school

If you haven't read previous posts, we decided for Julia to attend her zoned school, Inglewood ES. On paper (or internet) IES' scores are low. Most people who were in ENCORE & elsewhere ask us why we have her there. I get emotional as I write this part.  I love my children & I want the best for them like all parents.  I am a MNPS graduate K-12  - attended K-6 at Glendale ES in the '70s before Spanish Immersion.

Also as an employee, I want my children to attend MNPS schools, especially necessary on 1 income. : ) We believe in neighborhood schools & being close to home. I drive 11 miles to work one way so it's also practical. The "morning grind" is hard enough without adding more miles - Jai & girls are late at least once a week & they're going 1 MILE!! I don't know what is going to happen later, but we decided to be involved in her school - I feel like that's how I can contribute.
I'm a PTO committee chair now - how did that happen already! Also we all have IES shirts, even Jac!

We like the school, teachers are great, so friendly; it's a beautiful, clean, BIG building, & it's small (around 300 students). Julia has adjusted well, doesn't stand out as younger. She gets along with others, talks about friends - we check in with her every day about what happens at school. Her teacher modifies her work appropriately - excellently actually - from day 1. Her handwriting continues to improve daily. : )

Last week was Open House/PTO & it was fantastic! HUGE crowd - impressive! 
Also much more diverse than I expected - the stats on MNPS website for many schools are OLD. There are/were moments when I'm uncomfortable or dislike what I see from other parents - I'm a middle class biracial woman. I'll be the first to admit, well, my husband tells me to admit, I'm a snob. : )

At Open House we met parents of another K student in ENCORE (not zoned for IES either!) who want to be involved with PTO. Yeah, I think we have a K parent rep for PTO. Then yesterday Julia told me there's another K student in ENCORE. WHAT!!! Are you kidding me? When we had Julia's eligibility/IEP meeting in April, they'd never had this situation.

If you are zoned for Inglewood ES & not sure, please consider coming. Join us & be part of this amazing change that's happening there! Everyone's situation & choice are individual & unique - you have to make best decision for YOUR family! 

However, I really want Stratford cluster to be the best school option for our kids! I realized that we're going to be at IES for 8 years because of Jac's age, probably the same for Litton MS & Stratford HS. I like to be involved in community stuff anyway; also we're helping children whose parents don't have skills and/or resources.