Saturday, April 14, 2012


This might seem strange as a post, but this is my new favorite word. Since having Jacqueline I feel like I say it OFTEN. There seem to be so many situations where it is the appropriate word to express how I feel, mainly frustrated with something. Sometimes it is funny stuff, but usually it is in response to something absurd! Ironically I also feel like I hear it a lot from other people, even in a lot of TV shows or movies. Strange how that happens - like when I was pregnant I noticed lots of pregnant women. Now that I have a little baby I notice babies often, especially in strollers. I love strollers, especially ones with high handles. We went to the zoo a few weeks ago & I constantly was staring at the different strollers, there are so many. I've gone to a few consignment sales recently & again always looking at the strollers.

That is what is ridiculous! In March I almost bought a double stroller and I thought it was different from one I bought last August. Guess what? When I got home, I looked at the stroller ... exact SAME one! I paid less for it too so if I'd bought it, I would have spent MORE money for something I already have, hadn't used it yet either! RIDICULOUS!

You know what it is not ridiculous?! I went to my favorite consignment sale (POTATO) today & I got 2 Britax car seats for cheap! Such a great deal! Now we have 1 for my mom's car & an extra one for us. Thank goodness, no more shifting car seat from one car to another!