Monday, April 2, 2012

Julia goes to the dentist

Today Julia went to the dentist for HER first cleaning. Another big girl moment! It was exciting!

She actually has been once before, in February, so she could see me getting my teeth cleaned. We wanted her to be comfortable for her turn. I'm a geek, I love going to the dentist so I want her to have a positive relationship with this important health provider. I'm been going to see Dr. E & Latisha for years, literally since I was a little girl though not as young as Julia. I think we started going there when I was about 10, maybe younger, but not 3! It's so great to get started early, especially as Jai has some dental issues & even though I'm diligent with daily dental care & 2X a year dentist appointments, I have some challenges with cavities (it's been years thankfully).

Julia had a great time, wasn't scared or nervous about the big chair, equipment (the compressed air tool!!) or even the x-rays. I've never seen the chair lifted so high! : ) She also got to choose from the treasure chest - same exact one my sister & brother & I picked a prize. No issues, basically we need to brush before or after her to make sure she's getting them completely clean. She got a new toothbrush, really cool one that sticks on the bottom to the sink. Overall very exciting day!