Sunday, October 30, 2011

Active Baby S.

midwife visit on 10-28-11 - week 28

First of all, I almost passed out when I saw the scale! I gained 10 pounds in 5 weeks. That's not good!

I decided to stop eating the junk food (there is always something yummy at work!!). Pregnancy is really no excuse to eat everything in sight, especially when it's off my blood type (I really hurt myself when that happens). I also need to get back to my exercise routine which is a proven element of my blood type weight management success.

It is a vicious cycle of being "too tired."
I don't get up in the morning & go to Y.
When I eat something unhealthy day after day, I feel more sluggish.
Then I also am going to bed late.
I'm already sleeping in spots - frequent bathroom visits.
That equals weight gain. 
Bad combination of events!

The good thing is I can do it; already I can tell I feel better & lost a few pounds. I've gained 25 pounds & I really don't want to pass 35. I want to keep it similar to last time.

I signed the release form about the gestational diabetes glucose test - midwife (Linda) was cool about it, no pressure. She wasn't as concerned as me about the weight gain either - "it's not so bad." My blood pressure is 110/70 - usually good like that. I measured 29 weeks she said, not 28 weeks & 2 days. Again not much concern, maybe this baby will be bigger than Julia was, probably because I've gained more weight! : )

OK- topic related to post title!
Linda mentioned now I need to be counting the baby's movements, making sure it's frequent. I assured her that there is no problem in that area! This baby is much more active than Julia was ... or so I thought. Linda said something about having an anterior placenta last pregnancy & I said yes. The placenta then acts like a pillow & muffles the baby's movements. So I thought Julia was this mellow, relaxed fetus which didn't match her postpartum personality. That's kind of a relief.

Yet I wonder if that also means it decreased the intensity of the labor contractions I felt.  This also delayed going to hospital plus my ignorance that I needed to wait for water to break despite the frequency & duration of the contractions! I'm slightly nervous that the contractions this time will be much more intense - already I'm having lots of something like Braxton-Hicks, pressure that seems different from the baby moving/kicking. It also makes me feel like I have to go to the bathroom much more often. Don't need that - it's already too much!

Hopefully I'll be able to manage the real labor contractions. After the heinous heartburn since month 6, I feel like I can handle it, but I still wonder! Regardless this baby's nickname is Kicky McS. : )