Monday, November 8, 2010

Sima's Underpants for Women

Another post about another book I finished reading - miracle in itself.
Great title isn't it?! : )

I borrowed this book from my friend, Anne Marie, & this time read it slowly, almost reluctantly despite AM's recommendation. It has an interesting premise, hence the great title! Sima owns her own shop in her basement walk-up (walk-down?) of her NYC apartment where she sells women's lingerie.

The novel tells the story of Sima & her husband's life together from dating to 20+ years of marriage, attempts to procreate & sadness at not having a child, as they drift apart over the years. This is juxtaposition-ed with the customers who come to Sima's shop & a new worker she hires, a young woman from Israel whose life seems glamorous compared to Sima's apathetic & older one. I enjoyed the descriptions of the underwear, bras, camisoles, gowns & the women's pleasure in trying them & spending time together in this community of women.

The story of Sima having her own business in her home was appealing also. I have a fantastical idea of self-employment, especially the convenience of location close to home. Both my mom & step-dad own or owned their own businesses which started in the home. Bonnie still has her healing practice in the garage outside my childhood home. I like the idea of being able to walk outside & be at the office.

However, I know there are other considerations ... health insurance/benefits, privacy ... that's a big one for me, actually both of those are important to me. Working for a large institution like the school system has some perks, comforts really. I'd like to be a chef, baker really, own a really cool place that makes baked goods made with organic local ingredients & spelt flour. I don't think I'm going to be a 30 years lifer with MNPS. This is year 11 which is a LONG way until retirement plus I suspect I might have to work past 60! It is nice to have a Plan B.

It is nice to consider moving to Spain - they have better family-friendly leave plans anyway. We love the food & language, too!

Sima's Underpants for Women by Ilana Stanger-Ross - good read!