Saturday, October 30, 2010

Red Hook Road

Once again Jai is the most thoughtful husband!

Today he came home from work with this book, he'd seen it at the library & thought I'd enjoy it. It was a "reader's copy" & I guess it was an older one in the book room. Ironically I had checked out this book from the library & been reading it for a few weeks (it takes me awhile to finish books even if they are good).

Great minds think alike! : )

I returned the library copy so someone else could get it & kept reading. It was a treat - we rarely buy books anymore - the "reduce, reuse, recycle" motto means we don't buy new books, we borrow from friends/family or library.

The story is set in 2 places, New York City, but primarily Maine, over a period of 3-4 years post the death of a newly married young couple from 2 drastically different families. Great premise I know - literally post-ceremony, driving to reception, the couple are killed in a car crash! The book continues with how the 2 families cope in the aftermath of this tragedy. I enjoyed reading about Maine; I have family who live there & I've visited some, mostly as a child, most recently in 2008. Despite the heavy topic, I enjoyed reading about how the individuals dealt with their grief. Maybe occupational interest, but I'm sure it's a humanity thing, too.

I then loaned the book to my mom who grew up in New England. She will enjoy it.

If you need a good book, get Red Hook Road (Ayelet Waldman)!