Thursday, November 18, 2010

Talking to your parents

When was the last time you tried to talk to your parents? It was difficult, wasn't it? They don't get you and you don't get them. Is it generational? Sure. Is it vocabulary? Sure. Or is it just a battle of wills? Sure, it was all of that. Now, imagine if you are almost 2 years old and you only have a few sentences at your command. You see, your troubles are nearly as bad as you think they are. You have the ability to drive away when you get in to it with your parents. All I can do is scream like a banshee of spit my newest words of defiance..."No WAY!"

I'm getting there, really. Everyday old words roll off my tongue better (constant repetition of the words I know helps) and new words join my vocab list. My parents still read to me and they talk to me like I understand but we all know I don't. For instance, yesterday I woke from my nap distressed. I was asking for mommy in a kinda pitiful way and Daddy shows up at my door with a concerned look as asks whats the matter. I couldn't say. He then asked me if I had had a bad dream and I said, "yes", in my most confident of voices. I guess it was the way he asked the question b/c I really don't know what he meant by bad dream. So, there is a lot of guessing that goes on but we get by pretty well.

Its been a while so let me catch you up a bit. I still love my books and I like to sing songs but my favorite things to talk about are trucks and buses; our friends Jessie, Michael and India, Grandma Bonnie's cats, especially Alpha and Omega and HOOOOORRSEEESSS! I love horses. I've met a couple this year and they are the best things ever. Dogs and cats are great but horses, wow!

Recently I've been spending more time talking to Mommy b/c Daddy goes to work on Saturday (I love saying Saturday, its a great word). I still eat all sorts of cool stuff although I have kinda grown out of oatmeal. Red Onions have to be one of the newest cool things I eat. We eat salad almost everyday and I usually just pick out the red onions but if there is enough vinegar or mustard nearby I will eat almost anything. Not that that was a problem. Food is good.

The most dramatic thing that has happened is that I fell and busted a tooth. Actually, I just shoved one of my front teeth back up in the gum and can you believe that we won't know if there's a problem until I'm about 7 years old! That is a long time away.

Now that I have sufficiently wandered off topic let just say that I think if I keep trying to talk to Mommy and Daddy and they keep listening we will have a great relationship as I get older.