Friday, November 19, 2010

Private Practice

It's a known fact that I watch too much TV. I don't remember who, but someone seemed surprised that I watch this show. It didn't get great reviews, at the beginning or even now I don't think, but I don't always pay attention to reviews.

However, I like the cross-over from "Grey's Anatomy." I really like the concept of this comprehensive wellness practice. It includes the whole range of care (pediatrics, OB/GYN, fertility, therapy, alternative healing, internal medicine) & I wish there was something like that here. I wish I worked in a school with everything in one place!

The episodes related to the character Charlotte's rape were so good! It was awful to watch what happened to C, then the aftermath of coping with a traumatic experience for her & her co-workers & loved ones. I was so proud of her for identifying the rapist & the support she has.

There is good television - I just need to watch less TV in general! : )